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Vape Pen Kits are simply Vape Devices that are in the shape of a pen. While most Starter Kits are in the style of Vape Pens, not all Vape Pens are Starter Kits. This is the original eCig design and has been a popular choice due to it’s portability and sleek feel. As time went on, Vape Pens became more advanced and branched out from being purely MTL (Mouth To Lung) devices into DTL (Direct To Lung) Sub Ohm Vape Pens.

So if you’re a new user or a veteran vaper, you can still enjoy the ergonomic styling of the original Vape Pen design without having to sacrifice your vaping style. Confused about the range of Vape Kits available? Take a quick look at our Vape Kit Guide to help point you in the right direction.

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