The 50 / 50 Ferocious Flavours range.

50/50 e-liquid has been designed to be the middle ground of VG/PG e-liquids.

The balance of the two ingredients is perfect for smaller devices such as the Innokin Endura or other similar starter kits, but can also be used in more powerful mods without any problems.

Why would I choose 50/50 Vape Juice?

When a person quits smoking and starts to vape, they are more likely to choose an affordable starter kit which will only produce a small amount of power to heat the liquid. The 50/50 e-liquid blend is thinner than the 70/30 counterpart and is much better suited for those devices.

50/50 e liquid also balances flavour delivery with vapour clouds, making it a brilliant substitute for mouth-to-lung vaping (similar to smoking a cigarette).

We would recommend choosing 50 50 e liquids for those using a starter kit, a low wattage ecig such as the Endura, or for those who have just switched from smoking to vaping.

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Black Jack 50/50 E Liquid


Blue Slush 50/50 E Liquid


Menthol 50/50 E Liquid


Perfect Pear Drop 50/50 E Liquid


Red Air 50/50 E Liquid


Strawberry Milkshake 50/50 E Liquid

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