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Menthol e-liquid has a cool and slightly minty taste. While menthol flavour e-liquid is very popular in its own right, menthol blends well with many other flavours. Fruit menthol e-liquid, such as Fruity Menthol Explosion E-liquid, is particularly loved by vapers because it offers the best of both worlds – fruity and refreshing.

You’ll also find menthol flavouring in complex vapes such as the classic Heizenberg E-liquid, named after the famous Breaking Bad character “Heisenberg”, which combines juicy berries, absinthe, aniseed and menthol.

If you love cooling but aren’t a fan of menthol, you can also try one of our ice/cooling e-liquid range which features fizzy drinks, slushes and more.

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Fruity Menthol Explosion E Liquid


Heizenberg E Liquid


Menthol E Liquid


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Red Air E Liquid

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