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Fantasi Grape E Liquid

fantasi grape e liquid

Grape E Liquid

Fantasi has made a real name for themselves with their perfect recreations of fruity soft drinks. Fantasi Grape E Liquid is our amazing UK-made E liquid of the popular Malaysian vape juice.

Our juicy Grape E Liquid captures the essence of the exotic grape soda pop in a sweet and fruity e-juice. A touch of cooling gives you the feeling of sipping a cold can of refreshing grape soda.

Grape E Liquid is a sparkling alternative to the usual grape vape juice.

Grape E Liquid – the taste of refreshingly sparking exotic grape soda in an e-juice!



70%VG; 30%PG


Manufactured in the UK


60ml, 100ml, 120ml


Nicotine Shots Included


Premium eliquid at wholesale prices

Shortfill Liquids & Nicotine Shots
Short fill e liquid supplied with nicotine shots to make your desired strength. If you choose 3mg or 6mg variants, these have over concentrated flavouring to allow for dilution by nicotine shots, ensuring rich, full flavour.