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Frosty Tiger E Liquid

Who doesn’t love a scrumptious bowl of the famous frosted cereal with ice cold milk? Well, that’s the taste you can enjoy any time with Frosty Tiger E Liquid!

To create our Frosty Tiger E Liquid, we’ve taken a rich malty base and added a generous amount of sweetness. That’s followed by a splash of creaminess and, to top everything off, a dash of Koolada to give you that fresh out-of-the-fridge ice cold milk sensation. And what’s more…it’s all calorie free!

Having multiple bowls of frosted cereal during the day probably isn’t a good idea, but you can still get the taste whenever you like with this extremely popular vape juice.

Frosty Tiger E Liquid – enjoy the taste of a bowl of frosted cereal and ice cold milk any time you like!

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