We understand how difficult it is to quit smoking; the bulk of us at Vapoholic are ex-smokers who have all been there and stopped!

If you can’t quit smoking cold turkey, nicotine replacement therapy is the best option, according to the NHS and other health organisations. Vaping has been shown to be the most effective of these strategies.

In keeping with and supporting the Public Health England’s STOPtober campaign, Vapoholic provides you with our own support with specially selected kits, the greatest flavours for beginning vapers and much, much more.

The team has selected the flavours and kits that we personally used to quit smoking and believe can help you do the same. We’ve also included an additional discount to help you save even more money during STOPtober!

If you sign up for our STOPtober emails, we will offer you recommendations, extra support, and more savings to make this month the easiest month of your vaping journey!

We are also available to assist! You can contact us with any question, large or small, and we will be pleased to assist you!

So, on behalf of the entire team,

Good luck with STOPtober this year; you can do it!

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What is Stoptober?

Stoptober is an annual 28-day cigarette-free challenge that takes place in October. It is based on studies that demonstrate that if you quit smoking for 28 days, you are five times more likely to quit permanently.

The challenge divides the quitting process into 28 days, making it more achievable for those looking to quit. People are also urged to quit smoking with friends, family, and other like-minded quitters, which leads to a higher Stoptober success rate than quitting alone.

How Can Vapoholic Support Me?

To support you during STOPtober, the team at Vapoholic is holding special discounts to make this journey easier for you. 

  • You can stock up on flavoursome e-liquid in our discount bundles! (nicotine-free and nicotine liquids to be able to cut down)
  • We’ve coupled together beginner-friendly vape kits with the perfect e-liquids for an easier switch
  • You can opt for our STOPtober emails for additional support, information, and discounts
  • 20% off our most popular vape juices 

In order to make this month more manageable and enjoyable, we are also frequently posting relevant articles, which will continue through October and beyond:

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The Best Vape For a Heavy Smoker

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Why is Stoptober a Great Time to Quit Smoking?

Stoptober is an amazing time to give up smoking with it being a nationwide campaign. There is an abundance of information and support out there for you and a whole community of people going through the exact same journey as you.

And, if you can quit for 28 days, you can quit for good!

What happens when you quit?

The sooner you quit, the sooner you’ll notice changes to your body and health. Look at what happens when you quit for good.

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Vape Bundles For STOPtober

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