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What us vaping and how to get it started?

Vaping is a safer (and cheaper!) alternative to smoking. E-cigarettes, aka e-cigs, are battery powered and use atomisers to vaporise e-liquids which usually contain propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine and flavourings. This is in stark contrast to the over 5000 chemicals in cigarette smoke!

Because nothing is burnt, there is at least 95% less risk from electronic cigarettes compared to smoking according to Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians.

Many people choose vaping over other nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) because it better mimics the actions and feel of smoking but without the damaging health effects. The NHS also condones vaping as an effective method to quit smoking and estimates that of the approximate 2.9 million adult vapers in the UK, 1.5 million have completely stopped smoking tobacco.

So, if you’re a smoker, vaping could be your best bet to quit smoking and enjoy a healthier future.

It doesn’t take much to get started vaping – you just need to choose the right e-cig and an e-liquid that suits you so check out more of our guide on that.

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