Though vaping is considered the most effective way to take CBD, we also understand that some people prefer not to vape. To cater for everyone, we have launched a new tincture into our CBD Calm range.

What is CBD Calm Tincture?

CBD Calm Tincture is a flavourless liquid supplied in 15ml bottles administered with the included pipette. Each bottle contains 1500mg of certified true high-strength CBD isolate with the added benefits of MCT oil as the carrier.

CBD Calm Tincture

Pure CBD Isolate with MCT Oil to be used orally. Full true strength without any additional flavourings.

Is CBD tincture still an effective way to take CBD?

The area to focus on when talking about effectiveness is bioavailability. Vaping CBD is considered the most effective way of administering CBD because of the high bio-availability (as high as 60%) when absorbing CBD through the lungs. This means only 40% of each dose is not absorbed. CBD Calm E-liquid would be a good choice if you are comfortable vaping.

Taking CBD tincture sublingually (i.e. placed under the tongue) is still an effective way to take CBD. Bio-availability of CBD administered this way can still be as high as 30%. Though this is lower than vaping CBD, it is still better than CBD edibles which can have a bio-availability as low as 6%.

How to take CBD tincture

CBD tincture is designed to be placed under the tongue by using a dropper or pipette. The liquid should be allowed to rest under the tongue for a few seconds as the CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream.

What dosage should you take

As with vaping CBD, the dosage for CBD tincture is dependent on a number of factors, including tolerance, body mass, bio-availability and the actual condition the user is suffering from.

The following table does give an approximate dosage however:

Our 15ml bottles of CBD Calm Tincture are certified 1500mg true high-strength CBD isolate. A full pipette of 0.5ml of tincture will contain around 50mg of CBD. Therefore, for most people, a suitable dose would be 2-4 drops placed under the tongue per day, yielding approximately 20-25mg of CBD. This would equate to 30 servings per bottle.

However, if you consider that the bioavailability of sublingually administered CBD is around 30%, with 2-4 drops, you may only be absorbing in the region of 8mg of CBD. As such, a full pipette administered throughout the day may provide a suitable amount of CBD, equating to 15 servings per bottle.

As with all CBD products, it is prudent to start on the lowest dose and see how you feel before increasing.

Want to learn more? Read our full CBD Guide here or our recent blog ‘Does CBD Oil Work?’

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