Our Pick of the Very Best Geek Bar Flavours

As the old saying goes, variety is the spice of life, so when Geek Bars first arrived on the scene one of the early drawbacks was the limited number of flavours available. However, around a year or so on and the ever-expanding list of Geek Bar flavours is starting to gather some serious momentum, with the disposable devices now available in over 30 delicious iterations.

In fact, with so much choice now on offer, if you’re new to vaping and you’re not yet sure which flavours you prefer, you might well feel bamboozled by the sheer number of options available. If that’s the case and you’re unsure which one to go for, here’s our pick of the 3 best Geek Bar flavours. 

best geek bar flavours peach ice

 Peach Ice Geek Bar

Sweet, soft and delicate, what better place to start than with the Peach Ice Geek Bar? With gorgeous notes of ripe juicy peaches cooled over a refreshing bed of ice, we honestly can’t get enough of this one – so much so that this delightful flavour has become somewhat of an office favourite, even among us more experienced vapers. 

If you’re in search of something that’s super smooth, thoroughly refreshing and incredibly tasty then the Peach Ice Geek Bar is guaranteed to satisfy all of your demands.

Try the Geek Bar Peach Ice today!

Pink lemonade Geek Bar

Next up is the Pink Lemonade Geek Bar, and this is another delicious flavour the staff here at Vapoholic just cannot get enough of.

Taking the tantalising citrus flavours of lemonade and infusing them with the finest selection of red berries before serving it all over ice, if it’s refreshment you’re looking for then you’ll find it in abundance with this one.

With pleasant lemon flavours on the inhale that leave a slight tingling sensation on your tongue, the Pink Lemonade Geek Bar is a real sensory overload and a true taste sensation.

Try the Geek Bar Pink Lemonade today!

Sour Apple Geek Bar

Delivering a flavoursome blast of crisp, juicy apples with a sharp, sour kick to wake up the senses, the Sour Apple Geek Bar is another firm favourite of ours.

With delicious apple flavours on the inhale combined with a slightly tangy aftertaste, this is an invigorating vaping experience that just gets better and better with every puff. If you’re looking for a delicious combination of sweet and sour then you can’t go wrong with the delectable Sour Apple Geek Bar. 

Try the Geek Bar Sour Apple today!

Geek Bar Pro flavours

You may or may not have heard of the Geek Bar Pro. That’s because, while the standard Geek Bar and Geek Bar Lite meet the EU’s (and UK’s) regulations, due to the strength of nicotine and amount of e-liquid present, unfortunately the Pro iteration doesn’t meet the required standards. Therefore, retailers are banned from selling the Geek Bar Pro on these shores.

In all honesty, we aren’t really missing much as the Geek Bar Pro flavours list isn’t too dissimilar to what you’ll find with the standard Geek Bar. Aside from the cola and orange soda flavours, you can find pretty much all the flavours found in the Geek Bar Pro in the standard and Lite versions.

It’s actually illegal to sell Geek Bar Pro devices here, so if you find a UK-based retailer selling these products then they’re breaking the law. Even more worrying, these products might well be fake, so if you spot a UK-based retailer flogging Geek Bar Pros then you’d be best off avoiding them.

So that’s our take on the 3 best GeekVape Geek Bar flavours. Obviously, this is only our opinion and you might have a completely different view. There may well be some flavours on the list you prefer – the only way to find out is to try all Geek Bar flavours! The beauty of vaping is there’s so much choice in terms of flavour, that there’s something for everyone out there.

To purchase either or all of these flavours, head over to our Geek Bar page.

Or if you’re interested in throw-away devices but still unsure whether they offer good value for money, take a look at our ‘Disposable Vapes – Are They Worth it?’ post. There you should find all the answers you’re looking for!