Can You Take Vapes On a Plane? Let’s Find Out!

Spring is in full swing which means many of you will now be making plans for your summer holidays. If that’s the case you might well be wondering, can you take vapes on a plane?

Knowing the rules on vapes is important as you don’t want to get told off, or worse still have your favourite device confiscated! That’s why it’s essential you familiarise yourself with the dos and don’ts before you travel. As a side note, you should also be clued up on the laws around e-cigarettes in the country you’re travelling to, as some prohibit the use of vape products and you could land in some pretty hot water.

If you’re going on holiday anytime soon and you’re wondering, can you take vapes on a plane, then luckily you came to the right place as we have all the information you need right here!

can you take vapes on a plane

Are Vapes Allowed On Planes?

First, let’s start with this all-important question. After all, if the answer is no then everything else is pretty irrelevant!

So, can you take vapes on a plane? The answer is yes you can, although to fly with your vape you must follow the guidelines set out by the airline. 

Furthermore, if you’re looking to fly with batteries then there are additional rules you must stick to, while limitations on the amount of liquid you can fly with are also in place. 

So although you’re permitted to take your e-cigarette on a plane, it’s not simply a case of throwing all your vape gear into your case and heading for the airport as there are regulations you need to abide by. 

To help you avoid any issues, let’s take a closer look at the rules in the next sections.

can you take vapes on a plane

What are the Rules On Taking Vapes On a Plane?

So now we know the answer to the question, are vapes allowed on planes, let’s go over the specifics to make sure you stay within the guidelines.

  • Any vape devices must be kept in your hand luggage
  • No e-cig should be stored in your checked luggage and this is the rule across the board, no matter which airline you’re flying with
  • You can fly with batteries but there are limitations in place. The amount permitted will depend on the airline you’re flying with
  • You probably know this already but under no circumstances should you ever use your vape on a plane

Rules On Flying With Vape Batteries

So now we’ve learned that packing a vape device into hold luggage is not permitted, you may be wondering why. 

Well, the reason is all devices contain batteries, and in the past there have been incidents where lithium batteries in vapes have exploded in the hold and caught fire. That’s why airline companies will always insist your vape is kept in your carry-on baggage.

If your vape kit takes separate batteries then you might want to take some spare in case they run out while you’re away. Most airlines will allow this, although there’ll usually be a limit on the number of batteries you can take. Also, like your vape device, spare batteries will need to be kept in your carry-on baggage and you should never pack them into your check-in baggage for the reason mentioned above. 

The exact rules on batteries will depend on who you’re flying with. Some airlines allow passengers to carry up to 20 spare batteries, although others won’t permit passengers to travel with more than 8. The best advice we can give is check with the airline before you travel. 

can you take vapes on a plane

What About Flying With E-Liquid?

When it comes to taking your e-liquid on a plane, the rules are pretty similar across the board. You’ll need to take your e-juice in your hand luggage and you’ll be permitted to take bottles no larger than 100ml. There’s also a cap of 1-litre in total.

Most airlines will allow you to take your vape liquid in your checked luggage which means you can take as much as you like (within reason), with the exception of Qatar Airways which asks passengers to take liquids in their hand luggage. 

For more info on the limitations on e-liquids, take a look at our ‘How Much Vape Liquid Can You Take On a Plane?’ blog post.

can you tke vapes on a plane things to remember

Other Things to Remember 

  • Empty tank before you fly – The air pressure can cause your device to leak so always empty your tank before you travel
  • Check laws on vaping – Some countries have very strict laws in place so always check before you travel. Our ‘Where is Vaping Banned’ blog will help if you’re unsure
  • Check e-liquid & batteries – Do they conform to the rules set out by the government and airline you’re flying with? If not, you’ll be forced to throw some away
  • Check with the Airline – Although most airlines have the same rules in place, it’s worth checking before you travel as things can change

If you came here because you were wondering, can you take vapes on a plane, hopefully you now have all the information you need. If you require any other info about taking your e-cigarette abroad then you could also check out our Travelling & Vaping guide.

So now all that’s cleared up, all that’s left to say is, have a nice flight!

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