What Is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical compound found in the Cannabis plant. Unlike other chemicals found in the plant such as THC, you cannot get “high” from CBD. Instead, CBD is used in a number of different products for its variety of potential health and wellness benefits.  

In this blog, we’ll discuss how CBD can be implemented into your daily routines and what you can do to help create a good CBD routine.

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What Are The Different Forms Of CBD?

CBD is sold in many different forms, with each type of CBD product having slightly different effects and intended use. CBD also comes in a range of strengths and can start from as little as 10mg up to 7500mg. 


This type of CBD most commonly comes in the form of an isolate powder. This basically means that the powder itself is made from CBD isolates that are 99% pure with no extra cannabinoids or chemicals. 

We sell our powders in CBD and CBG variants. CBG is deemed the “mother of all cannabinoids”. As well as strengths, CBD and CBG also offer different benefits. 


CBD oil is a type of CBD in liquid form. It can come in tincture bottles or spray bottles. This form is taken sublingually or under the tongue in a few drops or sprays. Oils also come in different variations of CBD and CBG and can also come in isolate or distillate form.

CBD distillate has a lesser percentage of CBD content compared to isolates but instead includes other cannabinoids and terpenes present in the cannabis plant.This means that it offers more benefits on the body than CBD isolates.

You can also purchase CBD oils with added flavouring if you’d prefer to avoid the plant taste of traditional CBD.


Many companies have taken to incorporating CBD into gummy supplements or jelly sweets. These gummies are taken in a similar way to that of chewable vitamins and can be taken several times a day. 

Vapes and E Liquids

An increasingly popular method of taking CBD is through vaping and is in fact the most bioavailable way of taking CBD. This means you’re absorbing CBD faster through inhalation than other methods so you can feel the potential benefits quicker. 

There are a wide range of CBD ecigs and vape juices that contain CBD and they are easy to use, simply inhale for fast absorption. 

At Vapoholic we offer 3 different types of options for those wanting to vape CBD: CBD E Liquid, Terpene E Liquid and CBD disposables. We’ll delve into the differences between these forms of CBD later on. 

As well as different types, we also offer a range of bottle sizes from CBD 10ml bottles to larger 50ml bottles for regular CBD users

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Who Might Want To Add CBD To Their Daily Routine?

Many individuals may benefit from creating a CBD routine. It could be that you’re suffering from stress or anxiety. This is usually the most common reason for people wanting to try out CBD. You could also be struggling with getting to sleep or feeling well rested after a night’s sleep and are in search of a product to take during the evenings.

Those who suffer from chronic aches or pain might also want to try CBD if they are searching for a potential pain reliever. Whatever the reason for wanting to try it, CBD is usually well tolerated by most people and can have a wide range of potential positive effects.

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Adding CBD To Your Morning Drinks

Many of us wake up in the morning and make ourselves a coffee or enjoy a warm tea when we get into the office. You might even make yourself a healthy smoothie before you start your day. Adding CBD to your morning drinks can be a great, low effort method of creating a CBD daily routine. 

If you’re already making yourself drinks in the morning, you could add a small amount of CBD powder into your cup before drinking. Not only does this disguise the slightly bitter taste of natural CBD, but it’s also a quick and simple way to get your CBD fix.

Not much of a drinks person? You can also add CBD powder to food too. Sprinkle over your cereal or mix into your porridge. We offer a smaller 3mg CBD isolate powder tub that you can trial using on your morning food and drinks. We’d recommend starting off at very small doses of 10mg and then upping if and when needed.

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Incorporate Into Your Nighttime Routine

We all have a nighttime routine, whether that’s watching TV in bed, showering or just relaxing to get ready for sleep. A CBD oil could be a great addition to your nighttime routine if you’re looking for a fast absorbing form of CBD. Oils come in tincture and are dispersed through a few drops under the tongue. 

Taking CBD sublingually this way has a much faster absorption rate than ingesting it and the effects are almost instant, meaning you can take your CBD right before bed and then enjoy your night’s sleep without waiting for the CBD to kick in. 

If you’re wanting to get the most out of your CBD oil, we’d recommend using a CBD distillate oil. This is because a CBD distillate includes a range of cannabinoids like CBG and CBG, which combine with CBD produce an entourage effect. This means that this combination is more likely to be an effective form of taking CBD.

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Adding CBD To Your Workout Routine

Whether you enjoy yoga sessions, gym workouts or are an active sportsperson, CBD can easily be added to your workout regiment. Add a few drops of CBD oil onto the tongue pre or post workout, or add a small amount of CBD powder to your protein shakes.

If you’re wanting to get maximum benefits from your CBD then you’ll want to opt for products containing terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic compounds inside specific cannabis plants that have proven health benefits such as anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that are ideal for recovery after exercise.

A product like our CBD terpenes disposable vape is a brilliant option if you’re looking for a fast acting workout aid. This vape is nicotine free so it is ideal for those who don’t need nicotine and only want the CBD benefits. The easy to use, disposable vape allows intake of CBD quickly through inhalation and the added terpenes ensure that you’re receiving therapeutic benefits that can reduce stress, aid recovery and reduce pain.

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Try Vaping Your CBD

If you’re already a seasoned vaper or you’re looking to get more than just a nicotine hit from your vapes then you might want to try using a CBD vape pen or device as part of your CBD daily routine. CBD e liquids are easy to use and can be used in ordinary vapes without any changes or modifications needed for your device. 

You can also buy CBD vape juice in a range of flavours such as Cherry and Cool Grape, just like standard e-liquids. Alternatively you can stick to the earthy taste of a natural CBD e-liquid

If you’ve got a favourite flavour of e-liquid that you vape all the time, you can also purchase CBD shots that can be mixed in with your shortfill e cig liquids. This way you can stick to your usual vaping routine and combine delicious flavours with the additional potential benefits of CBD.

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Enjoy Your CBD As A Sweet Treat

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and love to indulge in tasty treats throughout the day, then you’ll be happy to know that CBD comes in a range of forms and flavours.

Our CBD gummies are a delicious alternative to your usual sweets that offer fruity flavour alongside 10mg or 25mg of CBD in each gummy. Vegan and made from natural ingredients, these gummies are not only a great way of satisfying sugar cravings but they’re also a great method of dosing your CBD evenly throughout the day.

Because each sweet only contains 10mg or 25mg of CBD depending on your chosen strength, you can enjoy multiple sweets during the day up to the recommended dosage.

If you’re wanting to cut out sweets or are counting calories then a flavoured CBD oil might be a great option. Tincture oils like this strawberry isolate still offer a burst of sweetness to satisfy any cravings whilst also allowing CBD to absorb into your system quickly. 

Tinctures not convenient enough? You can also get flavoured CBD oil spray like this blueberry CBD oral spray. This is an amazing way to get your CBD fix on the go, it’s small and lightweight enough to fit into a pocket or bag and give you a tasty hit of CBD whenever you need it. 

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How Do I Choose The Right CBD Product For Me?

Knowing which type of CBD works best for you can be difficult if you’ve never tried it before. That’s why it’s worth experimenting with a number of different forms of CBD so you can find the right one for you. CBD comes in such a wide range of products and forms from isolates and distillates to CBG, so knowing where to start can be a daunting task.  

The easiest way to create a good CBD routine and see which type of CBD works best for you is to integrate it into your already existing routines. For example, if you’re an avid vaper, you could try a CBD E Liquid. This way you can create a CBD routine without disrupting your existing routines. If one form of CBD doesn’t produce the desired effects, you can simply switch to another form after a few weeks of trialling. 

If you’re really stuck on where to start with your CBD journey, remember that you can purchase a CBD bundle that offers a range of different products at great value. This way you can try a number of options at a lower cost of trialling each one every few weeks.

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Best CBD Products To Add To Your Daily Routine

As mentioned above, we know there are so many great CBD products to choose from, that’s why we’ve created some recommendations on the best ones to try. 

This CBD liquid and device set is great for those who have just started vaping CBD and are looking for a more sustainable, longer lasting alternative to classic disposables. This CBD kit contains a brilliant Innokin device that is simple to use and easy to refill through the top filling system. The pack also comes with a number CBD size so you can start small at 10ml or opt for 50ml in your kit

We’ve previously mentioned the amazing benefits that terpenes have on the body and what better way to discover the best one for you than with a terpenes bundle. This cost effective bundle offers a selection of 5 different CBD 10ml terpene vape liquids, each one having a different range of benefits and target areas. With this selection you can easily switch between the different e-liquids using your usual vape device. 

For those of you who don’t vape, this CBG Oil is a great alternative. A more potent cannabinoid and with slightly different benefits to that of CBD, this CBG oil is perfect for people who might not have felt any positive effects from CBD.

Vapoholic: Online CBD One-Stop Shop

Adding CBD to your routine should be a quick and simple process, and with so many different forms of CBD to choose from, it’s easy to switch between the types of CBD to find the right one for you. Remember that a good CBD routine is one that can be integrated into your daily life with ease and without disrupting your already existing daily structure.

If you’re wanting to start your CBD journey, browse our CBD shop to discover a wide range of CBD products and see what form of CBD looks interesting for you.

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