DIY E-Liquid Concentrate

Are you a hobbyist who enjoys creating your own DIY e-liquid? Then you’ll know that when it comes to mixing vape juices yourself, not only is there money to be saved but you can also take full control of your flavours. 

We stock a wide range of delicious concentrates that you can use to create your own very e-liquids. So if there’s a flavour you’ve conjured up in your imagination that you can’t seem to find anywhere, or you’re underwhelmed by one of the liquids you’re vaping and you think you could improve on it, pick up some of our Vapoholic DIY concentrates and get creating your own in next to no time!

If you’re new to DIY vape liquid and you’re a little unsure about the ratios you need to create a delicious, well-balanced vape juice, check out our E-Liquid Mixing Calculator and our DIY E-Liquid Guide.



DIY E-Liquid Step-By-Step Guide

If you’re a DIY e-liquid enthusiast then chances are you’ll already have the process of mixing your e-juice down to a fine art. But just in case you’re a beginner who could use a few pointers, we’ve put together this step-by-step DIY vape liquid guide to help you master your craft and create the tastiest vape juice possible!

Step 1 – You’ll need to purchase the necessary ingredients. This includes propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) (or a premixed PG VG base), e-liquid concentrates and nicotine shots. You might also need some empty e-liquid bottles, unless you have some spare ones lying around!

Step 2 – Take an empty vape liquid bottle and add the VG and PG. The amount you’ll need to include will depend on the ratio and strength you’re after. If you’re unsure, use our handy mixing calculator which will give you the exact measurements based on your preferences.

Step 3 – Add your flavour. As this is concentrated, you only need a little bit. We’d usually recommend adding 10-20 drops, depending on how flavoursome you want the juice, and the ratios of your base ingredients. Again, if you’re unsure then our mixing calculator can help you out.

Step 4 – Add the desired amount of nicotine. Unsure of the amount? Then you know what to do – head over to our calculator!

Step 5 – Give it a really good shake. This will ensure all the ingredients are mixed together properly.

Step 6 – Allow it to steep. How long you wait is down to you and to be honest much depends on the flavour you’re creating. Usually, the longer the better, but if you can’t wait too long to test out your new liquid then a day or two should be fine.

Just a few of the reasons why Vapoholic is rated the best in the UK!

Just a few of the reasons why Vapoholic is rated the best in the UK!

What are DIY e-liquids?

DIY e-liquids are concentrated, undiluted vape juices that you dilute yourself using vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). 

Typically, single concentrated flavours are created to be used in E-Liquid recipes. Whether a recipe has three, four, or more flavours, it is mouthwatering. The flavour combinations are limitless and can be customised to meet your unique needs.

What are the benefits of DIY e-liquids?

The benefit of creating your own DIY e-cig liquid is you can experiment with your own weird and wonderful flavours, the flavour combinations are endless! You can also adjust the strength and ratio of VG to PG to whatever suits you, giving you more control of your e-liquid.

Can I save money with DIY e-liquids?

Absolutely! In fact, depending on how much you vape, you could make some pretty big savings when you create your own DIY e-liquid. For maximum savings, pick up our DIY E-Liquid Kit which offers the best value and has everything you need to get started.

How do I mix my own DIY e-liquid concentrates?

Mixing your own DIY vape liquid is easy. All you need to do is add your e-liquid concentrate to your VG, PG and nicotine and you’re ready to start vaping your very own creations. The main thing is to get the ratios right, which you can do with our handy e-liquid mixing calculator.

Are DIY e-liquid concentrates as good as branded stuff?

They certainly are! In fact, you’ll be using the very same ingredients we use to manufacture our best-selling brands. So there’s absolutely nothing to worry about regarding the quality of your DIY vape juice.