how to store e liquid
11 Dec

How to store e liquid

Do you know how to store e liquid? Where is your e liquid right now? In your pocket? In your car? On your windowsill whilst you were doing something completely unrelated and topping up your juice?

We all fall guilty of leaving our vape juice wherever we needed to top up at the time. At the time of writing my e liquid is in my coat pocket, and in a draw somewhere in my living-room, and probably an array of other locations that I have forgotten about until I start running dry again!

E liquid storage isn’t the first thing we think about when we first start vaping, and neither is it the first thing we think about whilst we enjoy our favourite juice day-in-day-out! So, when do we start thinking about how to store e liquid?

E liquid, whilst still much cheaper, is a reoccurring cost for any avid vaper or those using vaping to quit smoking. Those savvy enough amongst us will start bulk buying their e liquid in advance by either buying multiple small bottles or buying larger bottles to keep you going for longer. This is a wise choice to keep costs down, however without proper e liquid storage, you might be wasting your money!

Heat, Light, and Air

The basic principle of achieving longevity with your e liquid is avoiding heat, light, and air. These three ‘elements’ will break down your e liquid affecting the taste and colour over time.


Light will start to affect your e liquid because of UV rays. Working in a similar way as heat, the UV rays will warm up your e liquid to start splitting the individual ingredients at a molecular level. This might start to sound complicated but general rule of thumb is to keep it in a dark location, especially if you are planning to store e liquid for months.


Heat is the second worst culprit with spoiled e liquid. Similar to the UV rays but more damaging. Heated e liquid will start creating more ‘energy’ in the liquid to start breaking the ingredients into smaller components. This will change the taste of your vape juice quite quickly and is something to be avoided at all cost! So store e liquid away from light and heat!


Exposure to air will cause oxygen to react with the nicotine to produce cotinine. This is the oxidation process that will start to ‘break down’ the nicotine in your juice. In most cases this won’t be noticeable however it’s best to avoid as much as possible.

Simply ensure that your e liquid is airtight when in storage and you place all lids back on your juice once you are finished with it.

Where to store e liquid

You do not need any fancy storage containers to store e liquid but depending on how long you are planning to store your e liquid we would recommend the following.

E liquid in fridge

Short-term storage (under a few months) any dark storage cupboard is perfect. Just ensure that the cupboard is cool and is away from any heat source and the e liquid is sealed and airtight.

Just like any other consumable product that you want to keep for longer, the fridge is an okay place to store your liquid. Fridges will keep your e liquid cool for long periods of time and avoids damage through heat, there is however, damage from light to consider.

The second problem with e liquid in the fridge is that PG and VG (the two essential ingredients in e liquid) is that they both cool/freeze at different temperatures. This will cause a separation in the two liquids and massively effect your vaping experience. Just like we recommend shaking your e liquid to mix the VG and PG after it has been still for a long time, you will need time to allow the liquids to return to room temperature to shake again.

Our second and more important concern with having e liquid in the fridge is that it becomes easily available to children. So only store e liquid in the fridge if you are sure that they are secure enough, or high enough to be out of the reach of children.

Can you freeze e liquid?

When storing e liquid, many people consider using a freezer with the same logic as storing food. This however doesn’t always go as planned. Depending on the mix of the e liquid, many ingredients can react differently to extreme temperatures such as those in a traditional freezer.

PV and VG do not freeze at the same point as water. Vegetable Glycerine liquid freezes at -38°C and Propylene Glycol liquid freezes at -59°C. If you take into consideration that most personal-use freezers sit at -18°C, these two ingredients are going to separate massively, but not freeze. This can change the consistency and change the flavour profile.

Another example is when menthol e liquid is allowed to be cooled, the menthol will start crystallising meaning that you will have to warm the liquid back up to be able to vape it again. Once the crystals have dissolved, the flavour might not be as good as it was originally.

So, in summary, will e liquid freeze? Not in your home freezer, no.

When does e liquid expire

Expiry dates are only an estimation of the date when the products are no longer guaranteed to be at the same quality as when originally purchased. E liquid, based on the ingredients, have a ‘best-before’ date of under 2 years. Liquid without nicotine will last longer as nicotine will start to break down first.

Vape juice best-before dates differ due to their ingredients and proper storage as detailed above however it’s best to use your own judgement. Check out for:

E Liquid Storage: has it been left in heat, left open, or in light for a long time? If so, you will see a noticeable change of colour.

Separation: has the e liquid separated? Give it a shake, if it doesn’t mix again then it’s too late.

Smell: does the e liquid smell bad/sour? If so, it’s spoiled.

When is best to buy e liquid?

We would recommend buying a month’s worth of e liquid at a time if you want to bulk buy and store them in a cool, dry, and dark place.

Vapoholic has a huge range of e liquids in 120ml sizes so you can save more without buying too much to spoil!

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