What is steeping e-liquid?

Steeping e-juice is a technique used to ‘enhance’ the flavour profiles of e-liquid. This process varies between mixers based on their own techniques but generally involves shaking, aeration, and e-liquid steeping time.

There are a lot of different views on how to steep e-liquid and why it’s beneficial, however, we’ll answer some of the basic questions.

Why steep e-liquid?

The most common question is why steep e-liquid? The answer is it’s thought to enhance the flavours similar to the process of ageing wine or whisky. Many feel that steeping is a great way to bring out more of the individual flavour characteristics and help the flavours harmonise.

The ‘streathing’ Process of e-liquid steeping

E-liquid manufacturers will allow e-liquid to steep during their manufacturing and bottling processes. This is called ‘streathing’. The process is to take a sample of the e-liquid just after mixing, before conducting a flavour test to determine the quality of the flavour and make a note of the flavour profiles, similar to wine tasting.

Then they aerate the e-liquid (expose to standard air) for a while to let the oxidisation process develop. They then take another sample of the e-juice and compare it against the flavour profiles they noted in the first taste test.

Next, the e-juice is left to ‘steep’ over time. The process involves storing the juice in a dark and cool location to allow the e-liquid to develop. The mixers will then shake the bottle and aerate at regular intervals whilst spot tasting to determine the best e-liquid steeping time and process to achieve the best flavour profile.

Do you need to steep e-liquid?

If you’re buying premixed e-liquid from a shop or online retailer these vape juices will have already been steeped before they’re sold. The flavours will enhance over time or start to degrade if they’re exposed to light, air, or heat for too long.

Menthol, fruits, and sweets flavours

Menthol flavours, fruit flavours, and sweet flavoured e liquid generally do not need a long steeping time and can be vaped straight away. You don’t need to steep these liquids at home.

Tobacco or dessert flavours

Tobacco e-liquid and dessert flavoured e-liquid require a longer steeping time to perfectly enhance the flavour profiles. Again, this will be done by the e-liquid manufacturer and will be ready to vape when you purchase it but may develop more in time at home.

When will I need to steep my own e-liquid

You will only need to steep your own e-liquid if you are mixing your own flavours, PG and VG. This process or ‘DIY E liquid’ is a complex process and should only be done by qualified chemists or experienced mixologists.

If you’re buying shortfill e-liquid and adding your own nicotine, you may need to ‘steep’ your e-liquid for a while before vaping. This is just to let the flavoured liquid and the nicotine to mix properly. This mix, shake, and vape process shouldn’t take longer than an hour to start experiencing the flavour that was intended!

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