How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last?

How long does a 600 puff vape last? If you’ve recently decided to make the switch from smoking to vaping or you’re a seasoned vaper who’s attracted by the undeniable convenience of disposables, you might be keen to know the answer to this one.

Disposables have come a long way since they first hit the market a couple years back, becoming the go-to choice for millions of vapers both new and old. And with more and more people ditching traditional cigarettes in favour of an electronic alternative, disposables are flying off the shelves faster than ever!

Most of the popular disposables on the market come with an estimated 600 puff count – but how long does a 600 puff vape last before it dies on you? Let’s take a closer look at these devices to find out. 

how long do disposable vapes last

How Long Does a 600 Puff Vape Last?

As mentioned already, most of the leading disposables are estimated to provide 600 puffs.The reason for this is the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), which regulates the vape market, stipulates that no device must contain more than 2ml of e-cig liquid. And since 2ml of e-liquid provides around 600 hits, that’s why you’ll usually see that puff count displayed on the box.

So how long does a 600 puff vape last? Well it’s hard to say for sure as a lot depends on the type of vaper you are. If you’re someone who’s hitting your vape long and hard right through the day then clearly your device isn’t going to last as long compared to someone who only uses their vape lightly. 

Quite often with disposables the battery expires before the e-liquid runs out, but again the duration of your battery life will closely correlate with your use of the device.

For a ballpark figure, the average vaper can expect their 600 puffs to last them around a day, while lighter vapers might even get a couple of days use out of theirs. On the flip side, if you class yourself as a heavy vaper then your device is likely to give up on you before you’ve had a full day’s use.

how long does a 600 puff device last

Why Do Some Devices Provide 3,500 Puffs?

You may have seen some disposable vapes with massive puff counts with some claiming to provide as much as 3500 puffs per bar, which is way above the 600 you get with most other devices. So, what gives?

Well, if you come across these devices then tread with caution as these are not TPD-compliant, which basically means that any retailer selling these products in the UK is breaking the law.

In order to produce so many puffs, you can be sure these units contain more than the permitted 2ml of e-liquid, so keep this in mind when you’re purchasing these devices as the distributor clearly isn’t paying attention to the rules. If they’re so blase about vape regulation, who’s to say the products they’re selling are even authentic?

Please note that this refers to vapes with nicotine. If your vape is nicotine-free then the TPD’s restrictions don’t apply. 

But there’s a new innovative disposable on the market now, the OXBAR RRD Refillable Rechargeable Disposable Vape, allowing you to refill the disposable around 7 times before properly disposing it. 

The OXBAR RRD gives you approximately 4500 puffs, so your favourite flavour and money lasts longer than the standard disposable vape. But since this device doesn’t come with e-cig liquid included, we’ve bundled together our Bar Juice liquid so you can try the device at a cheaper price with a vape juice that replicates the strong taste of disposables. 

how long does a 600 puff vape last -- factors

Other Factors That Affect Longevity

Along with the amount you use your vape there are a few other things that may affect how long your disposable device lasts, including:

The Brand

Although many disposable devices may look similar, depending on which device you opt for the quality can differ hugely. While some are well-built and ready to provide the amount of puffs stated on the packaging, others are poorly constructed and made from substandard materials meaning they’re less likely to last. 

For a brand that combines premium-quality with supreme flavour, that’s built to deliver the puff count stated on the box, check out the Fantasi range.

How Your Disposable is Stored

Another factor that can heavily influence the longevity of your device is how you’ve stored it. Vape devices and e-liquid should be kept well away from extreme temperatures, and disposables are no different. 

Leaving your device by a hot radiator, for instance, is a sure fire way to damage the battery, which will result in your device dying quicker.


Last but most certainly not least, if your device isn’t authentic then who knows what that could do for its lifespan? 

There are many reasons why you should never use counterfeit vape products and the puff count is pretty low on the list, however, we thought we’d mention it anyway. Besides, if you’ve been purchasing Lost Mary or Elf Bars and you’ve noticed they taste a little off or aren’t lasting as long as they should then this could well explain why.

So how long does a 600 puff vape last? Well, hopefully you’ve got the answer you were looking for. To recap, most users will get around a day’s worth of use, while light vapers could get up to 2 days out of theirs. On the flip side, heavy vapers can expect their device to give up before the day is over.

If you’re on the lookout for a high-quality disposable device that’s made from premium materials and tastes great then look no further than the Fantasi  Available in 10 delicious flavours, this sleek and stylish throw-away unit takes that famous Fantasi flavour and packs it into one super-convenient device.