Best Cloud Vape

In search of a vape kit that’s capable of producing the biggest plumes of vapour? Then you might be one of the many people who regularly contact us asking ‘what is the best vape for clouds?’

Without a doubt one of the best things about using an e-cig is the big plumes of thick, tasty vapour. And if you enjoy practicing vaping tricks then you’ll know just how important it is to have a device that can produce decent clouds.

So what is the best vape for clouds, and besides buying the best vape kit you can find is there anything you can do to maximise vapour production? Let’s find out…

best vape for clouds

What is the Best Vape for Clouds? 

If you’re in search of the biggest clouds possible then there’s really only one type of device worth considering – the sub-ohm device. These are hands down the best kits for cloud-chasers, so if you’re looking to seriously fog the room then look no further!

Sub-ohm kits get their name due to the fact they’re compatible with sub-ohm coils. These coils have a resistance of less than 1.0-ohm, so with such little resistance they’re able to generate more heat which is how they manage to produce those intense vapour clouds.

So now we know the type of device to choose, you’re probably wondering which sub-ohm kits are the best for vapour production. Afterall, not all devices are built equally, so while all sub-ohm kits should deliver decent clouds, some will undoubtedly perform better than others.

In truth, there are countless devices that are great for churning out clouds, but we’ve whittled them down to 3 which offer not only enhanced vapour production, but also excellent flavour and come with a tonne of features too!

what is the bets vape for clouds - kroma

Kroma 217

The Kroma 217 Z Force is an impressive sub-ohm offering from Innokin, and producing an output of up to 100w it’s one of the most powerful the brand has ever released. Powered by either a single 18650 or 21700 battery, this device is capable of producing thick, tasty clouds via the on-board Z Force Tank.

Additionally, the Kroma 17 is armed with Innokin’s latest chipset, and it has a range of options for customisation allowing you to tailor your vape to achieve the perfect balance of flavour, heat and cloud production.

Click here to view the Innokin Kroma 217

what is the best vape for clouds -- arcfox


With a maximum output of 230W, this sub-ohm kit from SMOK packs one serious punch making it the ideal choice for cloud-chasers!

The variable wattage option allows you to tailor to your desired vapour production level, and you can also pair the Arcfox mod with a wide range of other tanks and rebuildables.

what's th best vape for clouds -- drag max

Drag Max

The VOOPOO Drag MAX is the beast of the Drag Pod Kit range. Boasting up to 170W maximum wattage and powered by dual 18650 batteries, the device brings the traditional power of sub-ohming to the world of pod devices.

The Drag Max is great if you want to enjoy the convenience of pod systems, and it also allows you to seamlessly switch between mouth to lung (MTL) and direct to lung (DTL vaping), offering a level of versatility not seen in regular mod devices.

 VOOPOO Drag Max

best coils for clouds

Best Coils for Clouds

As you might have guessed by now, it’s not just the device you’re using that plays a significant role in cloud production. We already went over sub-ohm coils and how they allow more heat to pass which helps create those luscious clouds, but it’s not simply a case of buying any old coils and hoping for the best. Sub-ohm coils come in a range of resistances, and some produce bigger, thicker clouds. So which resistances are known to produce the most vapour?

Generally speaking, the lower the resistance the better. So if you’ve a choice between a 0.9-ohm coil and a 0.15-ohm coil, you should opt for the latter as this will allow better cloud production. 

With that said, a lot also depends on the type of vape coils you’re using, as well as who’s manufactured them. For instance, mesh coils are designed to provide a larger surface area, increasing the amount of e-liquid that’s vaporised. This leads to bigger clouds.

Likewise, choosing the right manufacturer will also make a huge difference to coil life, flavour and cloud production. Brands like Freemax, GeekVape, Voopoo and Smok are known for the excellent coils they produce, while some of their competitors don’t have quite the same stellar reputation!

best e -liquid for clouds

 Best E-Liquid for Clouds

Along with choosing the right device and coils, the final thing you’ll need if you want to vape the biggest, baddest clouds is the right kind of e-liquid. 

For dense clouds of vapour, only one type of e-liquid will do and that’s high-VG. Just in case you’re unfamiliar with high-VG, allow us to give you a mini crash course!

The majority of your e-liquid is made from two ingredients: vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). Juices high in PG tend to be thinner and harsher on the throat, whereas liquids with a high VG content are thicker and produce better clouds. High-VG juice is also smoother, which is important given the large quantities of vapour you’ll be inhaling!

So which high-VG liquids should you choose? We advise our customers to go for a 70/30 juice, which has all the smoothness and cloud production you need, but with just enough PG to provide great flavour.

We stock plenty, so browse our massive range of 70/30 e-liquid and see what exciting flavours you can find!

So that’s pretty much all there is to know about vapes and how to get the best cloud production from your e-cig. If you came here asking ‘what is the best vape for clouds?’ then you should now have all the info you need!

Interested in disposable vapes but unsure about their safety? Then check out our ‘Are Disposable Vapes Safe?’ blog post where you’ll find all the info you need.

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