Strawberries make for delicious vapes; sweet and fruity, rich and satisfying, they get your taste buds tingling whether on their own or mixed with other flavours. In this post, we round-up the best strawberry e-liquid flavours around. Check them out and choose your favourite.

Best strawberry e-liquid flavours

Grape Strawberry E-Liquid

This amazing Nerds-inspired vape blends sweet strawberries and juicy grapes into one taste explosion.Grape Strawberry E-Liquid gives you the best of both delicious berries in an e-juice that you can vape all day.Kevan Latter said:

“Nice and flavoursome. Very moorish!”

Shortfill from just £6.99

Ferocious Flavours | 100ml Candy Infused Psycho Skittles E Liquid

Psycho Skittles E-Liquid

Another great combination of strawberry and other fruits, Psycho Skittles E-Liquid is just like crunching on a bag of the mouth-watering candy.With hints of strawberry, blackcurrant, lemon, lime and orange, it’s no wonder this has become a firm favourite in the Ferocious Flavours range.A Psycho Skittles fan said:

“By far my favourite great flavour and smells amazing.”

Shortfill from just £6.99


5050 red slush e liquid

Red Slush E-Liquid

Proving that strawberries are as delicious on their own as they are combined with other flavours, Red Slush E-Liquid takes ripe, juicy strawberry, ups the sweetness and adds a good dose of ice to mimic the refreshing taste of a cool slurpy.If you are looking for a juicy, icy vape this summer, then this amazing strawberry slush e-liquid really hits the spot!Natalie Powell says:

Nothing bad to say about this at all. It’s fresh, tangy, and bursting with flavour. It’s also kind to my coils. Definitely one of my faves!”

Shortfill from just £6.99

Ferocious Fifty Fifty | 100ml Strawberry Milkshake 50/50 E Liquid

Strawberry Milkshake E-Liquid

Strawberry Milkshake E-Liquid has been a best-seller since its release. Vapers love the combination of juicy strawberries and rich ice cream, replicating a burger bar shake perfectly.If you haven’t tried it, you don’t know what you’re missing!John Roberts says:

My overall favourite juice. This juice is spot on with fresh strawberries and a creamy undertone.”

Shortfill from just £6.99

Ferocious Flavours | 100ml Strawaki E Liquid

Strawberry Watermelon Kiwi E-Liquid

A relatively new release in the Ferocious Flavours range, this unique blend of strawberry, watermelon, and kiwi has already become a top-seller.The three mouth-watering fruits complement each other perfectly to give you a deliciously fruity vape that can be enjoyed any time of the day.A fan said that Strawberry Watermelon Kiwi E-liquid is “A great balance of flavours!”.Try it today! Shortfill just £6.99

So that’s our best strawberry e-liquid flavour round-up. New strawberry creations are on the way so keep your eyes open. Also, a big thanks to those of you who left a review on Feefo, it really helps us design and refine our range to suit your tastes.Don’t forget to sign up to the Vapoholic newsletter below and receive our latest deals, flash sales, new e-liquid flavour releases and up-to-date vape culture and vape industry news delivered straight to your inbox. You’ll also receive 10% off your next order!

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